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Collision: Stay in Your Car

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The Minneapolis Tribune  look at this issue today and have a great video to watch:

Here’s why you should stay in your vehicle after a crash




The video shows people who are out on the top of a corner they just slid through.

The key is to do what is safe and as the article days:

Tiffani Nielson of the State Patrol, said the safest thing to do is to stay in the vehicle and move to the passenger side if possible, to allow for more cushioning should the vehicle be struck by a passing motorist. If a vehicle is driveable, move it as far off the road as possible, such as onto a concrete pad under an overpass or to an off-ramp that has slower-moving traffic.

An experienced Personal Injury lawyer should be able to help any of the parties involved, figure out all of the coverages available. If you or a family member is involved make sure you talk to someone before you sign away rights you have or if you are told that you can’t make a claim.