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Dealing With The Adjuster: They Deal with the Bills

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Minnesota is a no-fault automobile state. This means that when you are in a collision there are basic benefits of medical bills, wage loss, medical mileage, and replacement services that will be covered by your own car insurance policy. The no-fault benefits go back to a deal from the 1970s where insurance companies got tort thresholds (items proving a severe enough injury to bring a personal injury claim) in return for guaranteeing that they would provide no-fault coverage. Using your no-fault benefits does not raise your insurance rates and should be a relatively easy and fast system.

This month we are looking at some of the many ways we have seen people get denied the benefits they should have and paid for.

They will take care of your bills, Sometimes they do, but do they negotiate to get you more money or to save them money? Do they get proper releases so you aren't open to future concerns?If you are in a motor vehicle collision in Minnesota, you need to notify your insurance agent in order to start the no-fault process. If you have questions, you should talk to an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of injuries.