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Heavy Snow Doesn’t Need To Bring More Accidents Across The State

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Today may be the the first real measurable snow in Minnesota. In the past, the first real snow has brought accidents across the state. A number of those accidents have left Minnesotans dying on the roads. It is hoped that education and reduce injuries as we head into the winter season.

The Minneapolis Tribune had the following suggestions:

• Make sure your vehicle is ready for snow. Gas up, top off the fluids, make sure your tires have enough tread, pack a shovel and a bag of sand.

• Test out your brakes before you get into traffic to see how they react in this snowfall.

• Leave cruise controls off because that setting makes it harder to regain control if you start to slide.

• Slow down. Don’t tailgate. Be careful on bridges and ramps. Your four-wheel drive won’t prevent you from slipping, though it might make it easier to drive through deep snow.


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