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Man Steals Car and Rams it into Other Cars

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A man stole a car in North Minneapolis on January 31st. The car was left unattended while running when it was stolen.

The man then used the car to ram into several other vehicles injuring one woman. The woman injured was a long time business owner in the area. The cab she was riding in was struck several times. As she was getting out of the cab she fell and hit her head, causing a serious injury. She was taken to Hennipen County Medical Center. Two other cars, both with children inside, were also rammed several times.

Police said the whole incident started when the suspect stole a car that was running to keep it warm. It is a misdemeanor to leave a car running unattended because it often leads to car theft.

Ismail Mohamed is charged with six felonies, including aggravated robbery, car theft, second degree assault and damage to property.

The business owner has no plans to leave her business and has since returned to work.