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Question of the day: Do I need Pictures?

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During the month of June, I am addressing common questions that get asked in our practice. Today's Question is: Do I need pictures?

In many cases, they can help to document the injury. Thankfully, over time bruises go away and many injuries improve. Unfortunately, if they aren't documented with photographs, there is no way to fully present them to the other side. In many cases, they help people remember the way things were right after the collision. I understand that these photographs come at a time when very few people are at anywhere near their best, but they can be vital evidence. Also, keep in mind that we often use professional photographers to document the evidence.

These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with an attorney, nor do they take into consideration facts that may differ about your particular case. Here at the Injuryboard, we have experienced attorneys who can deal with your individual questions and best help you with your case. Feel free to get the help you need by contacting one of us.