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Minnesota is a no-fault automobile state. This means that when you are in a collision there are basic benefits of medical bills, wage loss, medical mileage and replacement services that will be covered by your own car insurance policy. The no-fault benefits goes back to a deal from the 1970s where insurance companies got tort thresholds (items proving a severe enough injury to bring a personal injury claim) in return for guaranteeing that they would provide no-fault coverage. Using your no-fault benefits does not raise your insurance rates and should be a relatively easy and fast system.

A young Southern Minnesota mother of three is in a motor vehicle accident and is told by her no-fault adjuster that her policy does not cover chiropractic care. She goes to see a couple different medical doctors, each of which prescribe her medication. She is not interested in taking prescriptions and suffers with her severe neck and back problems for a number of months before she finally comes to see us. We explain to her that Minnesota no-fault law provides for her to get care at medical providers of her choice. Once we get involved, the no-fault company pays her chiropractic bill.

If you are in a motor vehicle collision in Minnesota, you need to notify your insurance agent in order to start the no-fault process. If you have questions, you should talk to an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of injuries.