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Safety on the Road: Headlights


I found an article from Cracked.com that looked at driving tips. It has what they called “6 little known tips” that saved lives. I figured it was worth spending time this month looking at these 6 and what other ones I thought needed to be added.

Drive with your headlights on. Many modern cars have made this easier. I appreciate that my car actually turns off it’s lights because I often forget and I remember being awed as a child by a local businessman who just walked away with his lights on and said “It takes care of it” when I pointed it out. The real benefit is it makes you easier to see. It is something that motorcyclists have done for years.

Beyond my usual trio of seatbelts, no drinking/texting and driving, and slow down, my hope is that these tips will teach my readers in the same way it has taught me. Most of all, I hope it helps make the roads safer.


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    Ha! I just posted a link to my video on this EXACT same subject:


  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    Thanks for the link, so do you just link to other peoples blogs? Thanks for stopping by. Mike

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    Hi, Mike. I don’t understand your question “do you just link to other people’s blogs?”

    I hope you don’t think I’ve spammed your blog. I wouldn’t THINK of commenting on something that’s not relevant, just to try to feed traffic to my site. I thought your article on headlights was ironically similar to my video, which is why I posted it.