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Safety on the Road: Radio


I found an article from Cracked.com that looked at driving tips. It has what they called “6 little known tips” that saved lives. I figured it was worth spending time this month looking at these 6 and what other ones I thought needed to be added.

Turn off the radio. The studies that the article looks at point out how music affects your body. That if you speed up or slow down internally it doesn’t help you with driving. Your reactions should be in response X to the road. Your head needs to be into what is happening during the act of driving.

Beyond my usual trio of seatbelts, no drinking/texting and driving, and slow down, my hope is that these tips will teach my readers in the same way it has taught me. Most of all, I hope it helps make the roads safer.


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    Here’s a link to one of MY favorite car safety tips (beyond the obvious big 3):


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    Apparently, thanks for stopping by and the comment.