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Safety on the Road: Road Signs

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I found an article from Cracked.com that looked at driving tips. It has what they called “6 little known tips” that saved lives. I figured it was worth spending time this month looking at these 6 and what other ones I thought needed to be added.

Treat the road like there aren’t signs. This one is interesting because the first thought has to be “won’t everyone run stop signs?” The difference is that the suggestion is that you watch for cars. If you drove as if there were no signs and actually yielded for the cars that had the right of way, you would avoid all the accidents because you would be looking out for the party to the actual collision. It’s the car, not the sign.

Beyond my usual trio of seatbelts, no drinking/texting and driving, and slow down, my hope is that these tips will teach my readers in the same way it has taught me. Most of all, I hope it helps make the roads safer.