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Talking To The Adjuster

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I have done a number of blogs over time about talking to adjusters.  It is amazing to watch a good investigator question somebody, particularly when they know the law and the person does not.  They can take very simple ideas and expand upon them or give an emotional response to an answer that will change how the person answers the question.  When you are represented, you get a chance to know the law beforehand. You will know the importance of certain questions and you also get to know that the emotions of the investigator are not important in any way whatsoever.
It is almost humorous that an individual, who will later write a cold letter saying that they deny the case on some defense theory, will sit there and seem amazed by questions about how the defendant reacted after the incident.
It is vital that people talk to someone on their side before they sit down with the adjuster, because the friendliest adjuster does not seem so friendly when he sends you a denial letter at the end.

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