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Woman Thrown Into Traffic on I-69 in Shakopee

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Car accidents were avoided, but police are still searching for a man who threw a woman into oncoming traffic on Highway I-69 Monday night in an extreme case of road rage. Jennifer Boulden made a legal U-turn on Interstate 69 near Shakopee when she missed her exit. The truck driving fast behind her motioned for her to pull over. She did and the driver got out of his truck and started yelling at her. She then got out of her vehicle to try to apologize. That is when the unidentifed man smashed Jennifer’s cell phone, picked her up and threw her onto the busy interstate. Fortunately she was not hit and several Good Samaritans stopped to help. One used their car to block traffic while another picked her up off the road and carried her to safety.

The man sped off in his truck but nobody got his license plate number, said Capt. Greg Muelken of the Scott County Sheriff’s office. He said witnesses gave varying descriptions of the truck and man, who was in his 40s with graying hair. Anyone who saw or has information about the incident is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 952-445-1411. Muelken said Boulden would not be cited.

Muelken advised drivers in a situation with an angry, honking motorist to call for help on a cell phone and not to stop except in a public area with people around. “You don’t know what to expect, unfortunately,” he said.

Jennifer is suffering from two herniated disks and her back and right leg were also injured. She hopes that the pickup truck driver is found so that she can ask him why he did this to her. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office would like to find him as well. Jennifer described him as a white male with light-colored hair. She has said the pickup truck was blue and his passenger was a Native American woman.