Minneapolis, Minnesota


Mike Bryant

Collision: Stay in Your Car

The Minneapolis Tribune  look at this issue today and have a great video to watch: Here’s why you should stay in your vehicle after a crash   http://strib.mn/2ie9Pvx   The video shows people who are out on the top of […]

Mike Bryant

Heavy Snow Doesn’t Need To Bring More Accidents Across The State

Today may be the the first real measurable snow in Minnesota. In the past, the first real snow has brought accidents across the state. A number of those accidents have left Minnesotans dying on the roads. It is hoped that […]

Mike Bryant

Real Life Reason to Not be Intexticated

A great twitter post has been making the rounds about texting and driving.   @SummerBreak really did a great job with this one. I hope that everyone that texts gets a chance to see it. It’s not worth it to ever […]

Mike Bryant

Minnesota State Patrol: What to do if you have been in a collision

Sgt. Neil Dickenson of the  Minnesota State Patrol recently talked to the nncnow.com about this very topic.  His advice: The person involved must evaluate the incident and decide on the best course of action to minimize the risk they place […]

Joe Crumley

Settling for “Full Policy Limits”: Why You Still Need a Lawyer

Three true stories about people who thought they were settling for all the insurance coverage, but we found much more for them.

Mike Bryant

Anonymous Adjuster Reacts to Our Radio Ad

This month I got an email and a couple of phone calls  from adjusters in reaction to our recent KFAN radio ad. One of the calls,  which I actually found to be very interesting,  claimed I had gone over the […]

Mike Bryant

Monday Will See A Lot of Minnesota Highway Construction

It really does seem like ever major highway in and around the Twin Cities has a orange cone/barrel dress.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDot) is really keeping busy.  Monday has the first morning rush hour as for the  next […]

Mike Bryant

There Has Been A Increase In Minnesota No Fault Wage Loss

In the 2013-14 legislative session the Minnesota legislature increased the weekly wage loss from $250 a week to $500.  The question that has come up is when that change became affective.   Insurance companies have done a number of different things.   […]

Mike Bryant

Major Minnesota Weekend Highway Shutdowns = Slowing Down In Work Zones

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced a weekend of major shutdowns: Interstate 94 closure in St. Paul I-94: Lanes in both directions will be closed between I-35E and Hwy. 280 from Friday night until 5 a.m. Monday. Crews from […]

Mike Bryant

Minnesota Has To Finally Pass Survivor Statute

For the last couple of years the Minnesota Legislature has been looking at the survivor statute as a possible law change.  Basically,  to deal with cases where a plaintiff dies before the case is settled or reached a judgment.  Today […]