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Mike Bryant

Progress is Slow with FDA but in Right Direction

New rules that were proposed by the Food and Drug Administration are good signs that the consumer is still being thought of. I looked at the issue originally with :

Will Obama Give Us One…

Mike Bryant

129 Clinics in Minnesota Bought From Meningitis Tainted Drug Company

While the initial reports seemed to center primarily on Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS), it is now being reported that 129 clinics in Minnesota bought drugs from New England Compounding…

Joe Crumley

Meningitis Steroid Supplier Lacked License

The company that supplied meningitis-laced steroids that caused a nationwide outbreak was not properly licensed in Minnesota. Cody Wiberg, director of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, said New…

Mike Bryant

Fungal Meningitis Death Toll Continues to be Great Concern

The numbers continue to grow as they figure out where all of the steroid injections were used. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that 119 Americans have been infected in 10…

Mike Bryant

Is The Generic Really Just as Good?

My wife came back from the pharmacy a couple of days ago and said that one of my allergy medications is no longer by prescription and on top of that there was a cheaper generic form available. That…

Mike Bryant

Alternative Medicines Much Better Than Deadly Drugs

How many pain killer recall have there been? How many advertised drugs are now being found to actually harm us? The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has found that more…

Chrissie Cole

Kroger Hazelnut Spread Recalled Due To Undeclared Peanuts

International Bazaar Inc. announced a voluntary recall of single lot “Kroger Hazelnut Spread,” packed in Italy by Nutkao S.r.L. Consumers that have an allergy to peanuts may run the…

Shannon Weidemann

Heparin Pricetag has Doubled

Heparin was recalled earlier this year due to patient injuries and death in the United States. It is believed that raw supplies from China were contaminated with a substance chemically similar to…