Minneapolis, Minnesota


Mike Bryant

Police Presence on Light Rail Working Well

Last week on my way back from Florida I had the chance to use the light rail from the airport to Target field.   It was fast and it was a very interesting experience.   I had no idea how tickets […]

Joe Crumley

Chief Fed Crash Investigator Quits

The head of the National Transportation Safety Board is leaving, according to the Washington Post: Deborah A.P. Hersman, who has served as chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board for almost six years, will step down to become president of the National Safety […]

Mike Bryant

More Pipelines in America?

It’s time to start re-evaluating the benefits of adding new oil pipelines in America. As of now the majority of our oil is transported via railways or roads. Over the years the amount of injuries and deaths due to this […]

Mike Bryant

Regulations on Oil Tankers

Recent oil-train explosions like the one in Casselton, North Dakota, have started creating worry and doubt that the tankers on our railways are safe. It was reported that within a 6 month period of time, 4 derailments occurred, which has […]

Mike Bryant

Summer Water Days Still Need to be Safe

It's the hot season here in Minnesota, so many people are taking to our many lakes. Great time for water skiing, swimming and fishing. It's even fun to just float around on the waves….

Mike Bryant

More than Two Dozen People have Died in Minnesota Water-related Accidents in 2012

The early numbers are in and they are not good for Minnesota water related deaths. More than two dozen people have died in water-related accidents this year in Minnesota, which is up from 14 at…

Mike Bryant

Going Back To School

The first week of September, finds kids heading back to school in Minnesota. All the excitement of getting back to see friends and getting back to learning. It’s important that safety not be…

Mike Bryant

What are the New Minnesota Laws Going into Affect Tomorrow?

Despite the number of vetoes there are some laws that start July first. From the Minnesota House Public Information Services:
AGRICULTURE Agriculture funding law includes final ethanol payments…

Mike Bryant

Real World Examples Concerning Auto Insurance Coverage: School Bus Collision

Over time we have represented a lot of people for all types of automobile collisions. My partner Joe Crumley and I have taught seminars for the Minnesota Association For Justice concerning all sorts…