Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Doctors Remove Wrong Kidney in Minneapolis Hospital

Surgeons at a hospital in Minneapolis accidentally removed a healthy kidney from a patient undergoing surgery for kidney cancer. The hospital made full disclosure of the glaring medical error afterwards in what has become an all-too-common occurrence at hospitals in the United States nowadays: wrong-site surgery. The chief medical officer for Park Nicollet Health Services made the error known…

Jenny Albano

Infant Critically Burned from Ignited 'Oxygen Hood'

An infant was critically burned when oxygen ignited inside the ‘oxygen hood’ worn by the infant. The newborn was lying in an open-topped bassinet underneath a warmer when the accident happened. The incident occurred at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids on Tuesday, January 22.The baby was wearing an oxygen hood, a device that fits over the face to supply additional oxygen, when something caused the…

Shannon Weidemann

$5.7 Million Awarded in Medical Malpractice Case

A patient filed a lawsuit against his dermatologist claiming he did not properly diagnose his skin cancer. The medical malpractice case was filed in San Diego. The jury awarded $5.7 Million to the man for damages, pain and suffering and lost wages. Regis M. Reilly, 53, claimed dermatologist Dr. James C. Powers failed to biopsy a cyst that later metastasized into cancer. Reilly has a family…

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Indiana Joins Minnesota In Medical Error Reporting

Indiana has become only the second state to require hospitals to report medical errors. I am proud to say that Minnesota was the first. IN passed a law that requires hospitals and surgery centers to report errors within 15 days of discovering them. The reporting began Jan 1. The first list of errors will be available in early 2007 and will be public record.Some startling mistakes include…