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Recalled Pet Food Contains Rat Poison

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Researchers at the New York State Department of Agriculture have discovered that rat poison is in the pet food that was recalled last week. The pet food has been causing kidney failure in cats and dogs. Over 90 brands of food were included in the recall. The recall is for canned and foil packet “cuts and gravy” style food.

The new commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Markets announced the mystery was solved by scientists at Cornell, and chemists in Albany.

“The New York State Food Laboratory identified aminopterin, which is a toxic chemical that has been identified as a rodenticide,” said Patrick Hooker, Commissioner of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.

The rat killer is banned in the U.S., but is allowed in China where the wheat comes from that was used in the manufacture of the suspect pet foods.

Veterinarians are glad to know what is causing the kidney failure as they are better able to treat it. If your pet ate any of the recalled foods and is experiencing any of the following signs: increased thirst, vomitting, or lack of appetite, then you should contact your vet immediately.