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Spelt Bread Recalled Due to Wheat

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Food for Life has issued a product recall for spelt bread that was made with wheat products. The wheat is not declared on the packaging and could pose a health hazard to those allergic to wheat. The recall involves over 2,200 cases of spelt bread.

The recalled frozen products were sold nationwide through health food distributors and natural food retailers in 24 oz. light blue packages. The products were labeled “Food For Life, Wheat Alternative Spelt Bread” or “Food For Life, Fruit Juice Sweetened Spelt Bread” with lot numbers H1847, H2042, H2136, H2435, H2872, H2974, H3224, H3460 or I0485.

The company is offering a full refund to anyone that purchased the bread. You can contact the company at 1-800-797-5090 for more information on the recall. The bread was made in a California bakery.

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