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Watch Senator Claire McCaskill Slams GM for Promoting a ‘Culture of Cover-up’


This is an example of real leadership.   Of a Senator not folding to big business.  Telling the real story.




Watch this video and tell me your aren’t outraged.

Consider the history of GM:

Feds Ignored GM Ignition Complaints, Joe Crumley |

GM Ignition Recall: Attacking Plaintiffs & Hiding Behind Bankruptcy, Brett Emison |

GM Recall: Defective Ignition Switch Saved Company $1, Brett Emison |

Why Did GM Delay Recalls? The Billion Dollar Question, Greg Webb |

So Nice To See GM Fiddling Mike Bryant |

Does The Car Companies’ Bankruptcy Mean Free Money And Free Liability?, Mike Bryant |

Hopefully,  we will continue to see this kind of call for accountability.


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  1. Brett Emison says:
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    Proud to have Claire McCaskill as my senator!

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    She has fought hard for all consumers. Thanks for reading and the comment.