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Part of 35W Bridge Shifted Sideways in Collapse

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Investigators looking into the 35W Bridge collapse in Minneapolis have discovered that one end of the bridge fell sideways while the rest of the bridge fell straight down. They are not sure if that was the cause of the bridge collapse or because of the bridge collapsing. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

“What we have is a step forward,” Rosenker said of the information about the sideways shift. “A failure at the north end could potentially transfer loads to the southern end, where perhaps a collapse could begin.”

Investigators will use a computer program to simulate the collapse, which occurred over three to four seconds, Rosenker said. The FBI plans to bring in a tool to take three-dimensional images of the wreckage.

The NTSB has said the investigation could take a year to complete. Parts of the bridge will need to be reassembled on land for the investigation.

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