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Preliminary Plan Released to Replace 35W Bridge

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation presented a preliminary plan to the Minneapolis City Council for a bridge to replace the 35W Bridge over the Mississippi River. The 35W Bridge collapsed on August 1st, killing at least 9 people and injuring over 100 others.

State authorities need support from the Council to have the new bridge built by December 2008 and ease traffic congestion.

But at the introduction of the proposed design before the Council, some members complained that it lacked features to make the bridge more like a memorial.

“I think the public is asking for a distinctive bridge,” Councilwoman Diane Hofstede said. “This is a bridge that got international attention and was the scene of a terrible tragedy.”

Conditions in the river were too dangerous for divers so work on removing debris was accomplished. Salvage work does not happen when there are divers in the water because it is too dangerous for the divers.

For more information on the tragedy, please visit our Minneapolis Bridge Collapse article.