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Secretary Bryson – Early Investigation of Crash AND Medical Facts -updated

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The story is still unfolding about what happened in California with Secretary Bryson. It does sound weird when one person is in multiple collisions and each incident seems very odd. Hopefully, no one is hurt to bad and they get to the bottom of what happened.

This is a real world example of how important investigation can be after a collision.

– You need to get the correct name of everyone involved.

– Questions need to be asked about what happened before the collision

– Some times it is important to find out what happened after a collision

– Pictures need to be taken of the damage

– The police should be contacted to find out what reports should be done.

– You should report the collision to your insurance company.

– You should get the insurance information of the other driver involved.

It is not unusual to have people try to take off, to give FALSE information, or to try to hide the real cause for a collision.

Early investigation and following each of the above rules can make a big difference if the injuries require a claim to be made.

UPDATE: Later in the day, the Commerce Department announced that Bryson suffered a seizure in relation to the accident. It's unclear whether the seizure had a part in causing the accident, or whether it came about as a result of the accident.

That opens the door to another big question: Will the Secretary claim that he did not cause either of the crashes because he was not medically able to control his actions? Generally, a person claiming such a medical excuse has to prove that he was unaware of the condition. Also, it's one of the few situations where the defendant in a car crash has to open up their medical records, since the are "putting their medical condtion in controversy"

There is apparently no indication of drugs or alcohol contributing to the crashes. More as the story develops!