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Will Uncertified Police Dogs Affect Minneapolis Arrests?

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5 Eyewitnesses News had a very interesting series looking at the affect of the use of uncertified police dogs. The question will have to be asked of what this means for the many arrests they were involved in.

The dogs are certified to do what they do. Some will look at this as being unimportant, but when a case relies upon the dog’s part in the investigation, the police can’t have it both ways. We give the officers jobs that are important, but all constitutional rights need to be protected.

The entire series is worth watching:

Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak react to our investigation

See which Vikings and Gophers games were worked by uncertified MPD explosives detector canines

View a summary of the certification records for the MPD Canine Unit (2009-2010)

View the actual certification records for the 18 canines in the Unit in 2010

Read the MPD’s policy about canine re-certification ("annually" on pg. 12)

Watch the raw interview with the commander of MPD’s canine unit, Lt. Rob Skoro.

Visit the website of the Minneapolis Police Canine Unit

View the certification requirements for the United States Police Canine Association

This is the kind of reporting that makes our community safer and makes sure that things are done correctly. But, for now the answers of:

  • why they weren’t certified?
  • when was this known?
  • what was done after it was known?

will determine the impact this issue will have on the cases that have happened to now.