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You Need To Buy The Right Insurance – Are You Covered?

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This month we will be looking at all the ways that you don’t buy the right insurance. Many of them no one would know about unless they have been through the policy or they have been unfortunate enough to find out that they didn’t have the coverage. The problem is that you can’t count on your agent to get the correct coverage. It is amazing to talk to an agent and find out that they had no idea what some of what they were selling did. To say nothing about what happens when you buy your coverage over the internet and have no one to deal with.

- Is the coverage really your coverage? Many times we have seen schemes set up by friendly agents where the out of the house kids are insured or an undisclosed driver is the one really insured, but the agent just signed up the business. When the person makes a claim, they are hit with claims of fraud. So make sure what you are doing won’t be used against you later.

Insurance is about protecting yourself and your family. It’s a mandatory coverage so you might as well get what protects you the most. We too often learn of these problems after the fact. But, if you ever have questions, leave a comment, email, or call. We are willing to share our experience so you don’t learn the hard way.