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Your Criminal Rights: Giving a Statement


This month we will be looking at ways to protect yourself and your family when charged with a crime in Minnesota. Many of these ideas may be common sense; other suggestions will be from cases that we have dealt with over time. The main point being that you can’t trust the guy at the bar, someone you run into on the street, or a random post on Facebook for criminal advice. You need to talk to knowledgeable attorneys that understand the law and how to best protect your rights.

If you are charged with a crime, the best action you can take is to stop talking to people around you—that includes the police officers. Anything you say to another person, including the police can and will be used against you to charge you with a crime. Police officers are known to carry audio recorders and may be taping you as soon as they make contact with you. Get to a lawyer who can explain your rights and make sure you are protected. Tell the police officer you want to cooperate with him/her, but don’t want to say anything until your lawyer is present.

It is important when you are charged with a crime in Minnesota that you get advice from an experienced attorney. The earlier you do this, the better chances that all of your options can be explored. At Bradshaw & Bryant, PLLC we have be helping Minnesotan’s with all level of charges from DUI and Drug charges to Homicide and Physical Assaults. We have put the time into court to make a difference for you.


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  1. Truckie D says:
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    Interesting post Mike.

    How about a post geared specifically toward trucks involved in a crash, where the presence of an attorney is not likely? What should the driver do?


  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    Ask to talk to an attorney. Thanks for the idea. Mike