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Bankruptcy Judge Affirms The August 3rd Deadline for Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

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In a hearing yesterday,  the Federal Judge in the  Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis bankruptcy case  reaffirmed his April decision to move up the deadline to Aug. 3 for survivors with claims.  The survivors of clergy sexual abuse in the rest of the other 5 dioceses have until May of 2016.   In the reporting of the hearing the Minneapolis Tribune noted the reasons to include:

- abuse victims had received extensive notice about the early ­filing date in the media and through their ­parishes.

— individuals who were not aware of the Aug. 3 filing deadline may be able to file late claims as allowed by bankruptcy law.

This is a sad result.   As Jeff Anderson was quoted:

“These are folks who have been denied opportunity for decades … for help, hope, healing and any measure of justice,”

In making the decision the Judge pointed out the advertising that was done to get the notice out.   If you look at what the archdiocese did was the bare minimum.  They are the ones that get the benefit of the bankruptcy.

The article also points out the monetary claim that was made by the attorneys handing the bankruptcy.  This isn’t money for the survivors or the attorneys for the survivors.  This is just those that handle the internal work of the bankruptcy.   This is a sad ruling and it will close out the rights of people that see others in Minnesota , who are in the other dioceses,  be able to find some justice.

The deadline is shorter than the rest of the state because of the bankruptcy of the Archdiocese.

If you or a loved one has a potential claim,  it is time to act.

Nationally renowned priest abuse attorney Jeff Anderson’s website details instructions. There are a number of key points:

• You must file a claim by August 3rd.
• Your privacy and confidentiality can be protected.
• Filing your claim can help you and help protect children.

Please act now, because any further delay will result in loss of your right to make a claim