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Round Up: Closer Look at Issues of Safety

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The Injuryboard is full of great information about safety. The reality is that we don’t want to see people get hurt and a lot of what we do is to hopefully prevent future consumers from injuries. I found a couple stories of interest:

- ChicoER.com takes a loot at how to prevent the common collision that comes from vehicle having the passenger tires leave the road. Great advice:

Look down the road as far as you can, take your foot off the gas and slowly steer it back onto the road.

- CNN Health took a look at stupid things parents do to put small children at risk.

- A study from the Epidemiologic Reviews found that pot smoking drivers are twice as likely to be in collisions.

- There have been more collisions with trucks hauling bees as of late. Live Science gives a logical explanation: With less honey bee colonies around the country they are being shipped longer distances.

- Finally, Mass Device took a look at if Medtronic insulin pumps could be hacked and even used as cyber assassination devises.