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June 30th: Maroon Day The Deadliest Day on Minnesota Roads. (Update)

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June 30th is historically the deadliest day on Minnesota roads. So be safe. Also know that every Minnesota Trooper on the roster is out there today.

“Maroon Day gives the State Patrol an opportunity to come out strong on a day that is historically the most deadly day on Minnesota roads,” said Colonel Kevin Daly, chief of the Minnesota State Patrol. “We want zero fatalities today and every day.”

Maroon, was the color picked because it is the patrol’s dominant squad-car color. June 30 is the deadliest day of the year on state roads, with 35 fatalities reported in 30 crashes since 2000. There is a belief that the increased traffic due to the July 4th holiday may also contribute.

It would be great if we saw no deaths on the road today.

Update: Nearly 600 troopers from the colonel down to the newest trooper responded to nearly 3,500 events. They made 2,500 traffic stops, 22 DWI arrests, and responded to 92 crashes, 21 of those had injuries, and at 1 was fatal.