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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

The Minnesota Trucking Association recently named  Milt Lowe the “Minnesota Truck Driver of the Year”  at their annual safety conference. As reported by the Minneapolis Tribune the reason was:

Lowe, 72, is a 45-year veteran who drives for Citi-Cargo & Storage in Eagan. Since 1969 he’s driven 3.5 million miles “without a single moving violation and without any accidents or freight claims,” said Kathy Berglof, director of safety for Citi-Cargo.

When asked what advice he had for others drivers he said:

Quit speeding and texting and talking on the telephone. When you do that, you can’t concentrate on your driving. When I get a phone call, I get to where I’m going and call back. And that’s usually a business call. I’ve got seven grandchildren, and I get mad at them when they sit 10 feet from each other and text. That’s life in the fast line, I guess.

This is great advice from a person who has been out there for many years.    Congratulations Milt.

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