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Over time we have represented a lot of people for all types of automobile collisions. My partner Joe Crumley and I have taught seminars for the Minnesota Association For Justice concerning all sorts of insurance and personal injury issues. Joe and I have authored a number of articles on the topic. Even with that, we still see cases that test the knowledge of even the most most experienced attorneys. The key is being aware and asking the right questions. A couple of stories caught my eye:

  • The first reported highway death from the big Christmas snow storm. A Wisconsin woman was traveling across Southern Minnesota when she lost control on the ice and hit a car. Four people were injured in the car and the woman was killed. They will all be eligible for no-fault coverage under Minnesota law (even if they’re not from Minnesota). There is a funeral benefit and survivor coverages for the family of the deceased woman. As to liability, there may be look out and control issues for the drivers, but the passengers will all have claims, although insurers may try to claim it was and "Act of God."

Each of these cases involve injures, some of which were fatal. We send out our sympathy to everyone involved and don’t intend to lessen the loss by using their tragedy as an example. Each case needs to be looked at individually. There really isn’t a simple straight forward case. Sure the fast draw insurance adjuster will call and try to steer things in that direction. They may offer fast and cheap money. There will even be a group of lawyers that will handle it that way.

The right questions always need to be asked and most importantly answered. I will be looking at many of these issues during the coming months and hope that anyone who has questions, takes the time to ask.

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