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This month I got an email and a couple of phone calls  from adjusters in reaction to our recent KFAN radio ad. One of the calls,  which I actually found to be very interesting,  claimed I had gone over the line with the words ”  INSURANCE ADJUSTERS WORK FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY. THEY’RE LITERALLY TRAINED TO MANIPULATE THE UNINFORMED TO SAVE THE INSURANCE COMPANY AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN. ” .

The Email Arrived last week:

contact_greeting : Mr. Anonymous
contact_email :
contact_home_phone : 9525555555
contact_comment : I’ve made my career as an insurance adjuster with a reputable company that I thoroughly enjoy. I heard an ad on iheart radio today while listening to KFAN about very negative things your office had to say about insurance adjusters.
I’d like for you to know that I not only enjoy helping people fix their cars, pay their medical bills, and work together to settle their claims, but I also enjoy working with their attorneys. I have NEVER been trained to manipulate people (as your ad says) and I have ALWAYS been trained to pay what we owe, and work with every person to come to a fair agreement. I’m hoping this anonymous note will make you tone down your message to the public because you have sincerely offended me and I’m sure many of my coworkers. I’m a people person and I know how to treat others, just as I’d expect to be treated. I’m sure there are adjusters that may not do the same, but it is unfair of you to send the message as a stereotype.
Lastly, I hope I am never involved in a car accident. I know if I am, and seriously injured, I would find a caring, reputable attorney. Hearing this ad, I can guarantee that won’t be you. I’ll be sharing your message with many of my friends and family members, in hopes they wouldn’t retain your services either.

It is great that they help people get their bills paid,  but my guess would be that is part of the claim work.  They are doing what they are paid to do.

What our ads say is that people should talk to a lawyer before they just blindly sign off on their  cases.  That they should take the time to know all of their rights.  That if they are being offered enough, we will tell them that.  I wonder if this adjuster ever told someone ”  This is a fair offer,  want to check?  Go talk to a experienced personal injury lawyer and make sure.”

The last paragraph is interesting. I hope they are never injured.   If they are,  I  would assume they already had a favorite.   I do wonder how they are going to get my message out to their “Friends and Family”.

We are harsh on insurance companies  because they don’t take care of the insured.  They don’t pay bills that should be paid.   The best way to keep people out of our office is to take care of them.  If insurance companies were fair,  there wouldn’t be these upset customers coming to see us.

The person didn’t include their name.   And I did answer the complaint,  like I try to do with everyone.  Frankly,  it told me that we were getting our point across.

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