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The Minneapolis Tribune had an interesting article in the middle of May covering the issue of practice lockdowns. It is a procedure the school uses in order to practice what will happen if there is an emergency of a tragic nature like we have seen across the country. The schools are required to do this practice multiple times per year, but apparently there is no documentation or penalty for not completing them .

Depending on the generation, you will have former students who remember practicing potential responses to bombings, nerve gas attacks, and the usual fire drills. While I would suspect that many of these drills are not taken seriously, I also would submit there are very few kids who do not have some memory of going through one of these drills.

As these school shooting instances happen across the country, there clearly needs to be at least a rudimentary knowledge and respect for what to do in an emergency. The only way these schools are going to be somewhat ready for the unexpected is to have plans in place and to have walked through those plans to ensure that they work. It has also been suggested that such practices may be a deterrent for those who are contemplating carrying out these actions. The more ready a school is, the less likely they would seem to be a good target.

Safety requires much more than an Allen Iverson response to practice


Even if it ends up being an unneeded memory of getting out of class and hanging out in the sun.

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