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The Diocese of Duluth of  released a list  of 2 additional priests accused of sexually abusing minors.    The release adds to their previous lists of 17.  Along with the list the Bishop Paul Sirba released a statement:

As part of the Diocese of Duluth’s ongoing efforts to foster safe environments for children and young people, Bishop Paul D. Sirba released on December 31, 2013 information about clergy members who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of young persons while serving or residing in the Duluth Diocese. Included in the release are clergy members who served as diocesan priests as well as clergy from other dioceses or religious orders who at one time worked or resided in the Duluth Diocese. Despite our best efforts to make sure our information is accurate and complete, we know that it may include errors or be incomplete. We ask that anyone who believes they have information about any instance of child sexual abuse involving any member of the clergy to contact their local law enforcement and the diocese or a diocesan assistance coordinator. Contact information for the diocese and its coordinators is listed in the diocesan newspaper and on the diocesan website. The list below includes those clergy members whose names were provided to the John Jay Study conducted in 2004, one diocesan priest against whom credible claims have been made subsequent to the compilation of the John Jay list and four non-diocesan clergy who worked or resided in the diocese and who are the subject of allegations made against other institutions. The names included in the John Jay Study have had credible accusations made against them which, for purposes of the study, was a standard defined to be “not implausible.” An allegation was as considered “implausible” only if it could not possibly have happened under the given circumstances.

The new disclosure is interesting and hopeful will help those that have been lied to and help find those that have been hidden.

The numbers make you wonder how hard they looked and how committed the church was to transparency in 2003.

It seems to be a ongoing battle every where.  Each new list comes with a promise of transparency and working to move forward,  which only is as true as it looks when the next  new list is forced out into the light.  I have been trying to figure out what caused the new disclosure.  My hope is that Bishop Sirba really was working to fix past problems.  Experience suggests that there usually is some outside pressure and the Church is trying to get ahead of  what is often exposed in litigation.  What really matters is what is now done to insure safety based on the new disclosures.

The Additions to the  List

Rev. Roland Antus
Date of birth: 12/11/1934
Date of ordination: 5/27/1962
Cleric’s prior assignments in diocese:
Assoc. Pastor: Good Shepard Church, Duluth – 6/20/1962 – 9/8/1965
Assoc. Pastor: Blessed Sacrament Church, Hibbing – 1965-1970
Assoc. Pastor: Sacred Heart Church, Duluth – 1970-1970
Pastor: St. Mary’s Church, Deer River – 1970-1973
Pastor: St. Augustine Church, Cohasset – 1970-1973
Pastor: St. James Church, Duluth – 1973-1983
Pastor: Holy Spirit Church, Virginia – 1983-1989
Pastor: Sacred Heart Church, Mountain Iron – 1984-1985
Pastor: St. Francis Church, Brainerd – 1989-1998
Pastor: St. Thomas Church, Pine Beach – 1989-1998
Administrator: St. Edwards Church, Longville – 1998-2008
Administrator: St. Paul Church, Remer – 1998-2008
Retired: 2008
Diocese or religious order: Diocese of Duluth
Date removed from ministry: 5/16/2016
Current location: Cloquet
Current status: Removed from ministry, Faculties revoked

Rev. William C. Graham
Date of birth: 4/16/1950
Date of ordination: 6/18/1976
Cleric’s prior assignments in diocese:
Assoc. Pastor: St. John Church, Duluth – 1976-1979
Chaplin/Part-time Instructor, Cathedral High School, Duluth – 1976
Weekend Help: St. Michael Church, Duluth – 1979-1980
Department Head: Cathedral High School, Duluth – 1978-1981
Pastor: St. Margaret Mary, Duluth – 1980-1982
Pastor: St. Michael Church, Duluth – 1982-1990
Administrator: St. Michael, Church, Duluth – 2014
Pastor: St. Michael Church. Duluth – 2014 – Current
Diocese or religious order: Diocese of Duluth
Date removed from ministry: 5/26/2016
Current location: Duluth
Current status: Removed from ministry, Faculties revoked

The names continue to be disclosed, there are more lists that exist around the world, and there are many more names to find.  There are also files with every name that need to be disclosed.

Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.


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