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Motorcycle accidents cost the United States billions of dollars each year in medical bills, emergency services, and property damage. Those who are injured in these cashes are often entitled to compensation for their healthcare expenses and other costs, but for such a claim to be successful, the injured party must be able to prove liability. This starts with gathering evidence at the scene.

Read on to learn a few tips for documenting the scene of a motorcycle wreck:

  1. Call the Police

Police who respond to the scene will draft an accident report, which will serve as a critical piece of evidence during the subsequent claims process. Most major insurance providers will not process a claim without an official report. 

  1. Look for Eyewitnesses 

While waiting for police to arrive, ask those who witnessed the crash for their names and phone numbers. Witnesses might include passing motorists, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, and nearby shopkeepers. Ask them to include an official statement in the accident report. 

  1. Photograph the Wreckage 

Once officers start directing traffic away from the scene, it should be safe to walk around and take photographs. Shoot your motorcycle and all the other vehicles involved from all angles. Capture both small and large details including skid marks, broken glass, deployed airbags, blood stains, the flow of nearby traffic, injuries, and the weather conditions. 

  1. Exchange Information 

Get the other motorists’ names, phone numbers, vehicle registration information, driver’s license numbers, and insurance details. If they refuse to provide this information, officers may be able to obtain it for you. 

  1. Write down Everything You Remember ASAP

Start a personal injury journal that same day if possible. Although you will primarily use this journal to document your recovery, the first few entries should be about the accident.

Write down everything you remember about the crash. No detail is too small to include. Then, record all the names and phone numbers that you gathered from eyewitnesses. Once all this information has been compiled in one place, you will not have to worry about keeping track of various scraps of paper or multiple notes on your phone.   

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