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A couple of years back, the Minnesota Department Of Motor Vehicles stopped checking for insurance verification when a person went in to buy tabs. I still have no idea why. I heard it was a budget thing, but it doesn’t seem like it really could have added that much time to the process. I also heard that it was because people would present false information. But, is that really a reason not to do it?

I am aware that there has been an increased number of criminal appearances for people who haven’t been able to provide insurance information when they are stopped. These are the people who don’t carry their cards, are stopped , and then don’t get around to providing the information, so a court appearance has to be set. They then show up and get the charges dropped.

It’s time to solve some of these problems and get insurance verification for the state. Texas has had it for the last three years and is reporting a decrease in the number of uninsured cars on the road. They also are saving court and officers times by having a system to check coverage at the time of any stop.

If you make the available on-line the information will be readily available to verify coverage and to reduce the delays in getting information from the medical providers into the correct no fault companies. I have no idea how this doesn’t make sense and would save money overall for the system.

It is important to have coverages , not only to protect yourself from liability, but also to provide No Fault, Underinsured, and Uninsured coverage for yourself. With the cost to society when people don’t have coverage, it seems like a good remedy is early checks.


  1. Mike Bryant

    Interesting comment I got: (Thanks for reading)

    Mike Please read my blog on this issue. As a lawyer, you know why laws are passed and it's not always for the public good. This is an overlooked issue because of the amount of income the state generates via unlicensed driver purchasing car tags.

  2. Mike Bryant

    The website is

    was a very interesting perspective.

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