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This past week, the Washington State law firm of Kosnoff Fasy PLLC released the names of 900 Alleged Boy Scout Child Sex-Abusers. They announced in a press release:

Today, Seattle attorney Tim Kosnoff released to the public for the first time the Boy Scouts' own internal list of 1,900 accused sex-abusers, in advance of a court-ordered release of the files by the Scouts itself within the next week or so. Kosnoff posted the list on his web site,

Kosnoff said the safety of children is too important for this information to be kept under wraps.

Along with the names, they also released a list of trends that they have discovered through the litigation they have been involved in:

  • Predatory adults, who seek out scouting for access to victims.
  • Admitted or re-admitted adult scout volunteers previously caught abusing children or scouts.
  • Adult scout volunteers, who abuse multiple scout victims, not just one victim.
  • Serious criminal convictions and prison sentences documented among the Scouts' list of ineligible volunteers.
  • Adult scout leaders who possess and/or produce child pornography.
  • Adult scout leaders who were allowed unfettered access to kids, permitting them to sleep in the same tent.
  • Adult scout leaders, who sexually abused kids on camping trips or on unsupervised outings outside of scouting.
  • Patterns of grooming behavior, such as trust-building, isolation, discussion of sex, followed by abuse.
  • Adult volunteers alleged to be pedophiles associating with other alleged pedophiles.
  • Some youth sexually abused in scouting, who went on to become sexual abusers themselves.

This is another step in the right direction in making sure that the truth is revealed. Thanks to the firm of Kosnoff Fasy PLLC for making sure that the information was revealed. However, as was pointed out, there is much more to be done:

For nearly a century, the Boy Scouts of America has quietly compiled the names of thousands of accused child molesters within its ranks. The Scouts say it has maintained the records, known as the "perversion files," as part of a decades-long effort to keep tabs on bad leaders and prevent abuse. Victims' advocates, however, say the Scouts have done little to warn youngsters about the risks of encountering predator

Abuse of children and the cos.ntinued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.

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