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It has been another week of big Michael Jackson stories.  He was a hologram at the Billboard Music Awards.   Then we have his song with Justin Timberlake  that could be the hit of the summer.   I really don’t get it.

It really seems that every story with him should examine whether he really was a pedophile.  Clearly there were payments made which suggest that children and their families were silenced.    He really should be a symbol of what happens when such claims are proven to be true.   Every pedestal should be knocked over.

I wonder about what the survivors think about his continues reverence.  Also it clearly sends a message of what can happen when big names are questioned or accused.   Is there a way to buy your way out  or are there those who are so powerful that they can’t be reached? It is actually that power that gives them the opportunity to abuse.

Now I think Timberlake  is one of the most talented people in the world, so I am troubled by my own response when I listen.  Some could even say , that the Jackson’s situation is a bit different from your average, run of the mill pedophilia case where it’s pretty black and white. There was no doubt that inappropriate activity was going on, but his motivations can just as easily be tied to other things than wanting to have sexual contact with children

If nothing else, the discussion needs to be fully fleshed out.



  1. Gravatar for Albert

    He was proven innocent by a court of law, the case was proven a lie. Most of the claims by the first family have been proven false as well. He was innocent, done, over out. The end.

  2. Gravatar for Diane Anders

    This topic has been hashed to death. The horse couldn't be any deader. It's your own obsession with it that keeps it burning in your brain, My suggestion? Give it up.

  3. Gravatar for Antoinette Sullivan
    Antoinette Sullivan

    Give it up my friend... Michael jackson is KING... An innocent man crucified by greedy jealous people who could not accept his success!!!! Michael Jackson, beneath Jesus Christ only, is the most influential and respected man in history and not you or your ridiculous articles can ever change that... We worship the man he was.... Long live King Michael....

  4. Gravatar for Heather

    If you would bother to read the trial information you would see that the people that filed these charges were just money hungry. As seems you. You are just writing a bunch of garbage to try to get your name out there. You will never be the man he was.

  5. Gravatar for mike

    As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I believe 6th accusers of MJ and have a Facebook page in support of them. JOIN THE FIGHT,

  6. Gravatar for Ara Krejci

    The jury in the 2005 Michael Jackson trial:

    Four men. Eight women. Two fathers. Six mothers. Eight of them parents.

    Eight of them white. Three of them Hispanic. One Asian.

    Not a single African American.

    Jury verdict after weighing the evidence: Not guilty on all fourteen counts.

    “We the jury feel the weight of the world’s eyes. We thoroughly studied the testimony, evidence, rules and procedures. We confidently came to our verdict.” (Official statement the jury had the judge Rodney Melville read out in court)

    What has given Michael jackson a pass? Verdict: "Not Guilty"

  7. What a interesting group of responses. I appreciate everyone that read and commented. Since I wrote about it, I clearly don't agree with a number of you and see something else with the "evidence".

    Since each of the questions involved children I don't see stars. I also added the last two paragraphs taking into consideration those that only see that or won;t accept everything that happened.

    Oh and Heather I would have no interest in that life at all.

  8. Gravatar for Ara Krejci

    To those who keep arguing that a ruling of "not guilty" does not mean a person is innocent: there are only two options a jury or judge has in ruling on a criminal defendant in the U.S. legal system, as Mike Bryant, an attorney, must know:

    1. Guilty

    2. Not Guilty

    All rulings of "not guilty" in the U.S. judicial system are determined on the basis of "reasonable doubt." There is no such ruling or legal declaration in the U.S. judicial system or any state therein of:

    "not guilty without a doubt"

    "acquitted without a doubt"

    "innocent without a doubt"

    "proved innocent without a doubt"

    or even simply "proved innocent"

    So keep that in mind when casting aspersions on Michael Jackson (or any person) found "not guilty" of charges with which they are accused of.

    No criminal defendant found "not guilty" in a U.S. court of law, is, in legal language, declared "innocent." Not guilty means "acknowledgement by the court of the innocence of the defendant.

    Not guilty is as good as it gets.

  9. Gravatar for Valdene Pringle
    Valdene Pringle

    I was taught the it is wrong to bear false witness against your neighbor. That is exactly what you are doing. YOU ARE PERPETUATING A BIG FAT LIE that is hurtful to the people who truly knew that . i studied the court manuscripts. I imagined myself sitting in the front row of the jury box, and I listened to everything that was said so I feel totally comfortable with the jury's NOT GUILTY verdict. Because, based on the evidence that was presented, I know for sure MICHAEL JACKSON WAS PROVEN INNOCENT. There is not a doubt in my mind Michael Jackson is innocent of all charges...... Now when you can comeback after you have read the transcript and say that he was a pedophile I'd like to hear your reasoning..... Until then, you should shut your trap because you don't know what you are talking about. You owe Michael Jackson an apology and you have a lot of crow to eat.

  10. I think you are way over reading and adding what isn't there. But again , thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion.

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