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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

So Governor Rick Perry is off and running for President. Having worked in Iowa on three past caucus campaigns I know that there is so much time that there really isn’t any reason to get worked up about anyone yet. Today’s straw poll winner can just as easily be gone with one big YAHOO!. Perry is an interesting candidate because of his anti-consumer campaign.

In Texas he continued the Bush/Rove game plan of attacking the trial lawyers, calling us all sorts of names, and bringing in even more reform. The thing is that he’s spitting on the U S Constitution and just getting deeper into the pockets of those big business contributors that finance all this nonsense. They don’t want to take responsibility so let’s pay to stop the lawsuits against them.

It’s so interesting to see the stories that are red meat for the really big contributors:

Texas Tames the Dogs of Tort

The Hign Noon Perry would mean Trial Lawyers

and Trial lawyers ready to spend money to oppose Perry

were three of the recent stories that were meant to create this happy ending for the big oil, big business, and big insurance crowd. It’s really sad that the ones that caps, loser pay , and gifts to defendants really hurts is the consumer.

Caps prevent those most hurt from collecting what the jury says they deserve.

Loser pays bars the courtroom door for the poor. Although it was funny that the other day I saw one of the comments to some anti lawyer gibberish say that the plaintiff lawyers should be liable for the loser pays. I say they really don’t understand the system, because we do lose the money we put into a case and don’t get paid when we lose. See that’s why we don’t take those frivolous boogeyman cases that these crazies dream up.

Gifts to defendants are the bills that were are seeing now that exempt companies from liability. Unbelievable that anyone but the most greedy would even consider that a part of our American system of justice.

I’ll wait to see what happens before I get worked up about the Perry candidacy. I would suspect that whomever gets the Republican nomination will be anticonsumer and in the debt of all of the biggest defendants out there.


  1. Mark Bello

    Mike: If you wait, you might wait too long. Perry looks, sounds, and has the same eery mannerisms of GWB. He is also governor of the same state, with the same political machines whirring in the background. To me, the similarities make for a very scary fellow who must be stopped if citizens care about their fellow citizens and not about more corporate welfare for the rich and famous. Is it possible that the populace could be fooled, a second time, by a southern politician, bankrolled by corporate interests? You bet it is! Don't "wait to see what happens"; get involved, now! Thanks, Mark

  2. Mike Bryant

    I actually wrote this before his resent spewing at the debate, that being said I still see it as Bush/Rove way to raise money and seem like he has substance. But, it is kowtowing to corporate interests as you point out. Thanks for reading and the comment.

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