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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

It’s always irritating when you get behind a truck and it starts dropping stuff on you. If there is material that should be tied down or secured and it’s coming off, there is no question that there are laws being broken. But what about when it’s chunks of the truck or parts?

The Channel 7 news  reported the story of a man who was safe after :

a trailer hitch suddenly broke loose from a truck, bounced off the hood of another car and smashed (His) windshield.

I found of particular interest the Minnesota Highway patrols explanation of why the man was safe:

Officials said Pozorki’s driving speed was normal and his following distance was safe, which helped him to slow down and prevent an even greater tragedy. “I feel very lucky that I was able to go home and have a hot meal,” said Pozorki. “And wake up the next morning. A couple more inches, it would have bypassed my dash and taken me out.”

There are reasons for safe following distances.   It is nice to read a story about safety where it worked.

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