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This past week the Minneapolis Tribune told the story of an amazing highway rescue on Hwy 169 east of Tower.  Bill Glad and his friends  came upon a burning vehicle that had been in a car collision.  He took a hammer and busted out the window.  The action and his bravery saved Carlo Theisen’s life.   This really is a combination of quick thinking and a tremendous amount of guts.

Having done this work for a very long time,  we have seen a lot of things.  A case that sticks with me is a video tape  of our client’s deceased husband being killed as his propane truck burned up.   It was chilling to hear the screams and to understand what was happening.   Having seen things like that,  I’m not sure anyone would be ready to do what Mr. Glad did.

How stuff works has some interesting suggestions concerning what not to do after a car collision:

These are all very good things to think about.  Luckily,  most collisions are nowhere near as bad as that which Mr Theisen suffered through,  but thinking ahead and being ready can always make a difference.




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