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From time to time I get emails from adjusters (Edit: the emailer actually works on the Insurance sales side) in reaction to our radio ads. Seems like now that we have been running ads in the Twin Cities on KQ, WCCO, and KFAN there are new listeners. This is one I got a month ago:

I work in the insurance industry and I am proud of my career and the work we do. Your radio ads are misleading and offensive. Insurance companies are the first to help in disasters and catastrophic events. $50 billion in storm losses paid in 2012. Yes personal injury suits and claims can get complex but to categorize insurance companies the way you do is false advertising and a cheap way to attract clients. I wish the industry I proudly serve was capable of stooping to your levels and run ads saying “Don’t use ambulance chasing attorneys…they all rip you off!” “Don’t trust an attorney with your complex claim all they want is their cut” Do you see my point? Run ads touting your character and not attacking an industry that you clearly profit from.

Interesting because it doesn’t say that insurance companies take care of the automobile consumer.  It is great that they deal with disasters,  but my guess would be that is part of the claim work.  They are doing what they are paid to do.

What our ads say is that people should talk to a lawyer before they just blindly sign off on their  cases.  That they should take the time to know all of their rights.  That if they are being offered enough, we will tell them that.

Look at the “all they want is their cut” line.   It assumes that there is money there to get a cut from.   If the person is being treated fairly and getting all of their claim,  there isn’t any cut.

We are harsh on insurance companies  because they don’t take care of the insured.  They don’t pay bills that should be paid.   The best way to keep people out of our office is to take care of them.  If insurance companies were fair,  there wouldn’t be these upset customers coming to see us.

The person did include their name.   And I did answer the complaint,  like I try to do with everyone.  Frankly,  it told me that we were getting our point across.

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