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Officials in Eagan, Minnesota are looking at the number of bicycle collisions they have seen in their town in the last couple of years. Their research has found that:

– There have been at least 16 reported traffic accidents involving a bicyclist in 2011 and 2012, according to crash statistics provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

– At least two of those accidents resulted in significant injuries for the bicyclist caught in the accident.

– Two significant injuries took place near the intersection of Cliff Road and Cedar Avenue.

– When the collisions are mapped out, they seem to happen at near the same spots.

It is great to see this kind of research being done. It adds to the public awareness of what places to look out for both as bike riders and when driving. It also will hopefully lead to signage or lighting that will help prevent future collisions.

It's important that cars be on the lookout and that bikes be aware of the rules.


• Reduce distractions and watch for bikes or cars.

• Follow all stop signs and traffic signals.


• Give cyclists the entire lane if there's not enough room for a bike and vehicle.

• Give bikes 3 feet of clearance when passing.

• Look ahead and behind for cyclists when turning.

• Yield to bikes on sidewalks and halt before crosswalks.


• Ride just right of center in a lane rather than along curbs

• Stay away from doors of parked cars.

• Bike with the flow of traffic unless there's a contra-flow bike lane.

• Use hand signals for turns and switching lanes.

• Wear helmets and use lights and reflective gear at night.

Source: City of Minneapolis

Hopefully, the increased awareness will make a difference. That might make it safer for everyone.

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