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We hear this from time to time.  The problem is that there is probably no such thing.   Sure, if you have horrible injuries and there is very little coverage the money should just be paid,  but even there you have issues.  There are medical bills to be negotiated,  health insurance companies to be dealt with,  and the usual questions of whether you actually did know about all of the coverages.

If the injuries are ongoing you will need to make sure you have covered all of the future medical questions.  You don’t want to settle today and find out that you need surgery 6 months later.     If you do settle early,  you need to make sure that you protect your UIM (Undeinsured motorist) claim to assure that if something else comes up, you have other coverages to protect you.

Taking care of health  insurance is important to make sure that your future bills are covered.  That you don’t run into Medicare issues down the road.  That if workers’ compensation is involved or no fault, the release doesn’t give away rights that you have to other coverages.

Insurance companies have to be convinced.  They never just give money away.   So it may be years of trying cases that will affect what they pay today,  the way that your case is explained, or simply just asking all of the correct questions.  You hire experienced personal injuries lawyers to make sure all of the bases are covered and to take advantage of what they are good at.

It may take time,  but you want to make sure that it is done correctly.   So leave the slam dunks on the basketball court and  sit back and get as healthy as you can.  Because  in the long run you are so much better off with a small case,  which means you got better.

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