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As a law firm, we advertise a number of different ways. We try to balance what we do in a way that we get information out to consumers, but we don't add to the negative thoughts about lawyers. Some of those thoughts are justified like the bad apples in any other line of work, but many are driven by interests that don't want us to help people.

I always find it interesting when an insurance company tout their fast survives, even deploying trucks that will arrive at the scene, and on the other hand will snarl and spit out all the claims that we are ambulance chasers. Imagine if I had a truck that went out to an accident?

So our advertising tries to keep in to mind what it is that the insurance companies will try to make out of it. We want jurors to understand that we are in business, and that it's a high honor to be turned to for the protection of peoples' rights.

A billboard I became aware of recently was this one:

I have no idea what type of lawyer this person is. But, a billboard does not a lawyer make. It's why picking a lawyer by the biggest phonebook ad or the top internet placement doesn't really get you the best either. There is a line of thought that using words like "aggressive", "fighter", "the best" , or graphic pictures will get you cases. The problem is that they give the client nothing really.

But, don't hire us or any other firm because we bought something. Ask your friends and check with people who you trust. If that advice loses us a case, it was probably not a case that fit for us or for the potential client.

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