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The Pew Research Center has found that parents are out-texting teens in terms of the amount of sending and reading of texts that is being done on our roads.

About 47 percent of adults who use the text-messaging function on their cell phones said they have read or sent messages while driving. That compares with 34 percent of texting teens, ages 16 and 17.

When you look around at the number of people on the phone while they are driving, I would guess it really shouldn't be a surprise.

Here at the Legal Examiner, a number of the blogs have been focused on teenagers, so it's time that we all widen our intended reader group and point out to everyone that it is far to dangerous too be texting and driving.

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As I've pointed out before, you really should just be driving when you are driving.

One of the solutions may be an app that is being looked at that would block texts when the phone is traveling at 10 mph or greater.

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