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I found an article from that looked at driving tips. It has what they called “6 little known tips” that saved lives. I figured it was worth spending time this month looking at these 6 and what other ones I thought needed to be added.

Don’t drive to empty. I was taught as a very young driver by one of my Grandfathers to never let the tank go below a quarter. It helps you with weight on winter roads and it makes sure you don’t unexpectedly run out of gas. There is nothing worse than when I break that rule and, in a hurry, head down the road to find that I am out on the highway and nearing fumes. Simply running out of gas can add a whole number of additional safety issues.

Beyond my usual trio of seatbelts, no drinking/texting and driving, and slow down, my hope is that these tips will teach my readers in the same way it has taught me. Most of all, I hope it helps make the roads safer.


  1. Gravatar for Harvey McFadden

    Generally vehicles with equal weight front and rear have a fatality occurrence of 50 per million registered. This can be attributed to human error.

    Consistently vehicle with more than 63 percent weight on the front will have 3 times as many accidents. The difference in weight makes predicting a safe speed harder and recovery from a breakaway of the lighter rear almost impossible.

    The fuel tank holds one percent of the vehicle weight so a car with a weight ratio of 63/37 with an empty tank now becomes 64/36 , very unsafe !

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