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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

Our office has been blogging about the State of Minnesota shutdown. We questioned the potential ramifications of a shutdown including the closure of several state office including the Department of Public Safety Drivers and Services Division (DPS). The shutdown has indeed happened, now the question that remains is what services Minnesotans can still access.

I have had a few calls from clients seeking their driver’s license and/or driver’s license renewals. Going to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety web site has proved futile. I managed to click to the Department of Public Safety Vehicle Services Division web site, but all I received was a notice stating

“[t]his site has been temporarily disabled due to a State of Minnesota government shutdown.”

The writing went on the add “Deputy registrar offices will continue to be open. You can find an office location near you by checking their web site.

I also found another web site owned by a private company that provides information regarding the location of the Department of Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) in certain area codes using zip codes. This is the web site I used to contact a person working for the DMV. Her advice to me was to have my clients call a DMV office located near them to see if the DMV could help with their licensing issues. She also said that people looking for license renewals will have to wait longer to get their physical license because of the back log with the shutdown.

At Bradshaw & Bryant, our attorneys and staff are keeping a close watch on the state shutdown to make sure that when you call for advice, you receive assistance from experienced attorneys who are up to date with the latest issues surrounding the state shutdown. We put the time in to closely monitor this issue and make a difference for you.

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