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Round Up: A Number of Medical Concerns

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I like writing about medical innovation and improvements more than I like writing about the failures and problems. The thing is, I hope that shining a light on the bad parts is what pushes the improvements further. So let’s make sure that keeps happening. Here are some items I came across recently:

- Heath News is finding that at least 90 percent of hospital errors resulting in patient injury, infection, and other issues are not recorded.

- Mail online in it’s heath section is suggesting that 1 in 3 Americans are injured during stays in the hospital.

- A must read for anyone interested in safety, Fairwarning, takes a look at the percentage of smokers that mistakenly believe that cigarettes are safer than they really are.

- Time magazine is taking a look at the affects alcohol the night before can have on a surgeon. Should the patent be asking about this topic?

Just a few more things to keep in mind in making sure you and your family are always safe.