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Tort reform the issue for Big Business and Insurance companies to pound into the ground so that they can close the courthouse doors to consumer. Those that are responsible for harm doing everything they can to not take personal responsibility.

It’s a topic I write about regularly, but thought I would pass along some interesting information from others that I read often:

ThePopTort looks at how The National Federation for Independent Businesses keeps promoting the tort reform agenda despite their regular membership not seeming to care about the issue.

– The well read and worth following, New York Personal Injury Blog, takes a look at how medical malpractice caps have failed in Texas.

– The Presidential Campaign has given us a couple more gems:

Minnesota Lawyer writes about a dispute between Hennipen County Judge Kevin Burke and Newt Gingrich.

– The Wall Street Journal Blog takes a look at what all of the Republican candidates are saying about the third branch of government.

Much of this tort reform hurts consumers. Thankfully there continue to be people to points out the flaws and warn of the bad ideas out there.

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