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The police are asking for people to call 911 when they see a drunk driver. With the growth of phones on almost every driver’s ear, maybe this kind of request will actually make those phones contribute to society.

There was an interesting from the Daily Journal, that looked at this request from law enforcement. The author pointed out that along with asking the public to call in suspected drunk drivers, law enforcement is also using camera systems to monitor traffic on our roads. So is that empty road late at night really under surveillance?

When someone drinks and drives they don’t think about these kind of things. It’s usually just an effort to make it down the road. Maybe if more education went into the issues beforehand, and people thought that the risk of being caught was always out there, they would consider not letting it happen beforehand.

As much money that goes into enforcement and to dealing with the damage done by drunk drivers, it seems like more should be done to point out the reasons not to drink and drive.

I have always pointed out the costs.

  • Dui’s are expensive because of the court costs, the attorney fees, the increased insurance rates , and the other time missed from work.
  • There is the moral issues that come with having to face your family and friends after you have received a DUI.
  • Let’s start adding the risk that you take on even driving the empty roads.

Let’s start dealing with the problems beforehand. Get a cab, use a designated driver, and most of all be safe.

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