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I tend to be a dog person,  but this really is an amazing  video as a cat saves a very young boy who is being attacked by a local dog.

To deal with the first question I had:   The video is surveillance camera work,  so it isn’t the case of some idiot just filming and letting a little kid get attacked.   It also doesn’t seem to be staged.

The dog owners would be subject to strict liability here in Minnesota, which means that there is no defense  ( unless there was provocation) and they are liable for all damages.  Most homeowner policies will pay for the damages.  The policies will also require the owners to get rid of dogs that are this vicious to attack small children.

In valuing these cases,  the factors usually involve:

– The extent of the scarring.

– The placement of the scarring.

– The gender of the person ,  because of woman being seen differently with scars than guys are.

– If there is a history of the dog attacking.

– Other factors that are specific to each person and the affect the attack had on them.

Looking at the scarring, this case looks severe.  Hopefully, the boy will heal fast and not have many residuals.





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